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Digital Products & Usability Designer – 15 years experience

I have created and managed software applications for financial, advertising, and other tech companies.

I managed the integrations of systems and their data architecture with un-matched precision.

I specialize in understanding users and creating better technologies that improve their lives.

Thanks for showing an interest in my work.

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UX Manager


  • How best to attract and engage short haul drivers, long haul, and other fleet managers with moderate online business expenses.


  • Live Customer Visits, Human to Human, Internal Reporting Data Sources
  • 12 user studies or more per year, including agile tests and comprehensive workflow tests.


  • 5 Development Teams, 5 Product Line Teams, 4 Designers, 2 Researchers.

Lead Information Architect for Drink Dispenser Software


  • How to make this product more desirable and compatible internationally.
  • Why customers prefer paying for a technician to fix troubles, instead of using the device to fix the troubles themselves.


  • Live Customer Visits, Human to Human, Internal Reporting Data Sources


    • 3 Development Teams, 2 Product Line Teams, 1 Engineering Team, 1 Designer.

    User Experience Manager for Global Website Network


    • Make the buying process for a customer base more self-serve, automated, a free of friction–an audience made of up of engineers and executives.
    • Out-match competitors by best-in-class customer experiences.
    • Migrate 20 websites onto a more robust platform and supporting systems.


    • 3 Marketing teams, that included Designers, Content Writers, 2 Product Line teams, and Many Scientists and Engineers


    • A/B experiments built to measure granular engagement.
    • Significant tagging from third-party plugins, that enabled real-time user tracking and feedback.

    Pages Designed / year

    Wireframes Created / year

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    Documents Published / year

    Interesting Stats About Me

    • CUSTOMER FOCUS 90% 90%
    • COLLABORATION 80% 80%
    • INNOVATION 80% 80%
    • COMMUNICATION 70% 70%

    Diversified Digital Experiences

    Years Experience

    Websites (Desktop / Mobile)

    Mobile Apps

    Enterprise Applications


    I’m currently a User Experience Manager for 20 unique websites, posturing for great UX for Superior Essex in Atlanta.

    Previously, I had the privilege of working for some highly advanced software for Coca-Cola’s drink dispensers.

    Even further back, I worked for RentPath. There, I created many business apps for property managers and company administrators in the mutli-family housing industry.

    I helped design become the highest ranking brand renters turn to when finding a new home. While balancing business goals and remote employees, I led a dedicated team in creating best in class, automated, communication product.

    I continue to enrich the experiences people have with websites, mobile apps, and more specialized enterprise applications.

    I think being a UX person is the greatest job in the world.



    Many can come up with good ideas. Not every idea can be executed in a business environment.

    The design and development lifecycle is most designers’ favorite step. The art and science of figuring out how to make an idea work is my special skills set and other teams come into action.

    Execution is key. Understanding ideas’ source, motivation, and process provides valuable intelligence.


    User Studies

    Understanding who your users are to their fullest is the vanguard for all my business decisions. User preferences regularly drives choices from technical design to customer support.

    Obtaining feedback derives from users’ online habits, not only from your peers. Finding and then comprehending user data and writing off such data cases is a process you seek in any form available as well as any time where applicable. My professional nature constantly seeks that feedback.



    The elaboration phase is when collaboration and perspective weigh in on those ideas. It’s vital to understand, that no matter what instincts one may have or what the imperfect data sources reveal, all ideas need to go through a pressure of verification.

    Some concepts either evolve or devolve at this point, but the success rate of this phase is high for sanctioning the great ideas to continue.

    I still find inspiration and value in the ideas that are not yet real or that didn’t pass this test. These concepts are reserved for time and user changes.



    Regardless of the available time a business may permit for testing, testing of unpublished and published ideas should continuously endure.

    Testing concepts is critical at the beginning of the design phase, yet its need persists through a product’s progression, even when that product starts showing results.

    While routinely writing an incredibly vast amount of documentation, I recognize the opportunities where writing benefits 1) something to be tested and/or 2) someone to be informed.


    Wireframes & Low-Fidelity Concepts

    My mind equally wraps around the simplest to the most deserving, complicated entities.

    Wireframing is a critical art and science to shape a new idea and ensure user application, the need and the context. Research gathered from the user market place should be the initiation to how ideas display and interact with a human.

    My wireframing skills receive great praise by many who recognize the substantial value and consequently initiate formation. I’m privately impressed when the development output matches the wireframes perfectly.


    Visual Design

    Visual design only works if it continues to honor your user’s needs, the content they seek, and in the context that they know. Visual or creative design excels when that design communicates effectively. 

    In my experience, I often see greater efficiency when the design is more integrated into the wireframing and iterative phases.

    Concepts tend to demo more effectively when they accurately show a concept in its real-life form.

    To those who are like-minded designers, than can easily visualize from blueprint like mock ups. But to others, it’s more difficult to perceive the idea.

    The visual harmonizes all of the architecture, content and also importantly, remain simple.


      “Travis’s work on developing requirements and user interface mock-ups for future functionality is impressive in its depth, detail, and completeness. Travis proactively considers each use case and accounts for the corresponding user interaction needed to address the user’s intent. Travis also regularly demonstrates an innovation mindset; proposing novel approaches both with and beyond his scope of responsibility. Perhaps most importantly, Travis is patient, kind, humble, flexible, creative and fun to work with.”

      Whit Lanierr
      Product Director, Rentpath

      “Travis is one of the most detailed people I’ve worked with. He’s able to solve problems and overcome obstacles using his impressive set of technical and operational skills.”

      Scott Mumbauer
      Product Manager, Rentpath

      “He is bright, full of energy, makes people feel at ease, and is very knowledgeable about his job. In the time I have known him he has continued to excel in his experience in the Product Management field and technical areas. He asks the right set of questions and is focused on the customer”

      Victoria Ellul
      Product Manager, Rentpath

      “I worked directly with him on many projects and he could always be counted on to bring intelligent, well thought out perspectives to our projects. He is dedicated and highly knowledgeable in his many areas of expertise.”

      Joseph Peters
      Product Designer, Rentpath

      “I worked with Travis on many web application projects and marketing campaigns. He’s a great collaborator, a supportive colleague, and works well in the framework of a team environment.”

      Shah Ramli
      User Experience Designer, Equifax

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