Product Owner for an Automated Communication App




IA, UX, Design, Integrations, Partnerships, Project Management, User Testing, All Product Documents.


My Contributions:

I was the product creator and manager for an automated communication tool, that enabled mass and 2-way communications to their tenants and prospects. I was responsible for every aspect of this digital solution that enriched the work lives for thousands of users.


Property Managers are overburdened by the communications and administrative tasks required to perform their jobs. They are unable to unlock their potential to bring in new business and maintain existing business. Their higher value activities are more difficult to execute: becoming better marketers and lead converters.


My project plans helped this product grow from a bundled product to a stand-alone product. In just 6 months, the product recorded a $1.5 million annual run-rate. Customers who were active users, saw their available time in their day increase 22%. That daily labor cost savings amounts to hundreds of dollars savings, per user, per month. We now add 200+ new customers per month with an low drop rate and an incredible 75% open rate for SMS Text Messages and Email communications.

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