Entertainer’s Event Coordination Tasks

by | Aug 3, 2014

The following are a standard set of questions to discuss when engaging a client. Improvisation comes into play when dealing with different clientele (i.e. club owner vs wedding planner). Regardless it’s still important that you have a series of points to cover, so that the clint and the performer clearly understand the requirements of an event or gig.


  • Who’s coming to the event?
  • What are the predominant age ranges?
  • What city, state, and country does the event take place?
  • When is the crowd expected to arrive? Event start and end time?
  • When will the event get the most busiest?

Special Needs:

  • Any lighting effects (strobes, lasers, spots)?
  • Any Microphones (handheld, lapel)
  • Additional speakers or subwoofers for bigger sound?
  • Table cloths?
  • Color or theme restrictions?


  • What songs do you want to hear? What genres?
  • What do you not want to hear?
  • Do you want to have the DJ accept requests from others?
  • Do you want all original versions of songs played?
  • Have you checked out the DJ’s remixed songs?


  • Is their adequate electricity?
  • Are there outlets or a generator within 50 feet of a Dj workstation or band?


  • Any overall guidelines or need-to-knows?
  • What is the dress code


  • What specific cue points or breaks are there?
  • What about announcements?
  • Will there be reading material the DJ/VJ needs to present?

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