For any questions and concerns, feel free to check out some of the most commonly asked questions below, contact us by email, or phone at 770-940-0925. We recognize the importance of any studio time or event, therefore we treat all requests with exceptional service that they deserve.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We have to be. We carry a $2 million aggregate liability policy.

Can I meet my DJ before I decide to hire him?
Do you take requests?

Yes, any amount. The same applies for if there are songs that you do not want to hear. Each client’s exceptions can be met with the appropriate playlists or genres preferred. Choose music from a vast range of classics and underground music from Europian, African, Asian, and the American cultures. If you’re a club owner, lounge, exhibit, or conference and you crave a specific sound, we can create and edit it. Weddings, parties, special gathers–Anything you want or do not want to hear, is what you get. There are no additional fees to be provided digital, technology, or hardware assets, or other musical add ons. Read more.

Will you put up a banner or sign?

No. We do not advertise our services at your event, unless given permission to do so.

Will you take photos or pictures?

No. As our client, you have the choice in whether to allow or not allow a DJ or performer to capture photos of you while in your venue. Check out our photo galleries.

What do you need from the venue?

It varies per project. A dedicated area or booth for DJs, Singers, Rappers, and other Performers, which will be filled with trusses, wiring and/or tables. More specifically, a 6 sq ft minimum area, that is within 50 ft from sufficient power. Read more.

Do you provide microphones?

Yes. Wireless or wired microphones. Our digital microphones have a wider range, they’re more safe, and ‘state of the art’. Anyone or anything that needs a Handheld or Lapel microphone, we’ll assist you. We’ll install and position microphones comfortably to your special guests, vendors, and officiants. You have the option of deciding who gets to speak, be heard, and who does not.

Do you act as emcee?

Yes. Fun, Interactive, Talented speakers who are confident to make announcements at your private or public social. These kinds of services are included in most sound packages.

Do you have a back-up of everything?

Yes. If anything breaks or is lost, we have a back up. We have qualified performers on stand-by, although the situation has yet to come up. Our studio professionals less flexibility and their jobs often use up more work hours, than the live performers.

How do we get or give you music?

Any number of ways. We have the know-how to import your playlists or download them. You may also fill out our downloadable form template or send us an email. The more that you can describe, the easier the process goes. Tell us your favorite artists, albums, or composers. There are no additional fees for us providing you with licensed music, samples, and sound production.

Will my DJ take breaks?

No. When the DJ is on, there will not be silence, but there will be cheer, lights, and a memorable sound.

What kinds of sound systems to you provide?

We have a public audio rig and small stage set up, and designed to be mobile. Our systems include lighting effects, audio equipment, transportation, and their storage. Volume output is specifically equalized to adequately fill most room floor plans, up to 8000 sq ft. More powerful and elaborate set ups are available for additional cost (i.e. extra power, dancers, projectors, and video. Check out our upgrade options!

How much experience do you have?

Travis started DJing in 1999, playing for a variety of venues, audiences and events: a larger % of more studio and sound production work, than live performances. Both areas of study and art have been steady strong points.

It is our goal to make confident and comfortable with your musical decisions. We sweat transparency, mutual respect, and honesty. Make sure that you make an informed decision of hiring a DJ, who comprehends all of the business, creativity, and technical nuances of the industry. We also help you orchestrate more cultural traditions if requested (i.e. Graduations, Ceremonies, Ha-Motzi, Kiddush Cup, the Hora, and more)

Can you provide references?

Yes, absolutely. With our fan base and community service, we’ve established solid relationships with customers and service providers, both national and local. See our latest Testimonials.

Will my DJ wear a tuxedo?

Yes. We will wear anything you prefer us to wear, as long as it is legal, and so that our attire is fitting to your event. You have a near endless selection of wardrobe that you wish.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

Radigital Studios advertises occasionally with discount offerings via social media, online podcasts, and email promotions. Note: We do not share or distribute your personal information.

There are base prices set for different service packages and add-ons. More significant discounts are available with diamond and platinum customer packages.

How do you pronounce your company name?

The company name is derived from a positive, yet slang term from the 1980s. This term was used to declare someone or something was “cool” or “hip”… or “Rad”! So it’s pronounced simply, “Rad” + “digital” = “Radigital”. We sometimes hear others saying it like “Rahh digital”, but rest assured, it’s a short-lived phrase intended on making a come back. That’s pretty rad. This company name was officially registered in 2001, though Travis’ efforts and inspiration of music started years before.

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