The following are verified quotes from messages and feedback received, over the last 12 months.


Your performance and time are truly appreciated more than you can imagine. You not only support our cause, but you do an outstanding job and make it enjoyable for all! Thank you again big time.

– G Poirier.


I don’t need another DJ. You are my DJ.

– Ilana.


You aced our wedding. Great work.

– C Suarez.


Your transitions are your sweet spot.

– Scott M.


The levels were perfect. You’re pretty good.

– Patrick H.


Smooth performances back to back.

– S Ramli.


I can’t believe the sh-t you just showed us.

– J Peters.


You can spin at my party any time man.

– J Beatty.


That’s the best performance I’ve heard from you.

– J Gorski.


Your mixing is dope!

– K Camp.


You reinvented that song!

– Ryan F.


Good stuff man. We had a blast!

– M Gergye.


You’ve come a long way in this industry.

– JP.

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