Top Wedding Songs

Wedding music can be however traditional or non-traditional that you want. At Radigital Studios, we'll work with you orchestrate your entire event, giving you complete control over what you want (and do not want) to hear. These lists were collected to help spark your...

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4 Habits of Successful People That All Musicians Should Adopt

If you're looking to make a living as a musician (or elsewhere in the industry), it can be helpful to look at what successful figures do during their everyday lives that have helped them get where they are. Sometimes, these tips are fairly common sense, while other...

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Google Streamlines Concert and Ticket Searches

Finding concert information and tickets at Google is getting easier. The search giant announced Thursday code-based improvements to the ways official ticket links, event listings, comedian events and venue events are displayed in search results. Now a web developer...

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DJing in Extreme Conditions

As the number of global DJs and dance events rise higher every year, more and more people expand into new territories to create room for the masses. One stage that hosts a growing number of performers every year is the great outdoors. Want to brave the elements,...

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New Website Relaunched!

Hello world... again! Welcome to our new and fresh website. It was designed to make it easier for you find the information you need and also enjoy your online experience. This website also makes it exciting for us to refresh the content more regularly. As a bonus,...

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Entertainer’s Event Coordination Tasks

The following are a standard set of questions to discuss when engaging a client. Improvisation comes into play when dealing with different clientele (i.e. club owner vs wedding planner). Regardless it's still important that you have a series of points to cover, so...

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Hire a DJ or Not

Those of you interested in hiring a DJ or seeking to provide music to your special occasion, often find yourselves evaluating the budget, value, and reasons of how to pull off a successful and meaningful event. There's several things to consider, when planning a...

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